Hoe een blogger NIET te benaderen

In het kader van WhizPR’s recente grappen rondom de TCD, een aardig overzicht van voorbeelden hoe je NIET een blogger moet benaderen:

  1. “We have been following your blog for a while and we find it very informative and interesting. That’s why we invite you to visit Uninterestingsite.com and comment on the post titled…”
  2. “I wanted to let you know about a new advertising and online marketing campaign Company X is launching this week aimed at the office market.”
  3. “I thought you might be interested in this newly launched campaign from Company X promoting a Product You Would Never in 50 Years Care About.”
  4. “We thought you might be interested in the latest resource that Company X (www.companyx.com) is putting out there as a handy service for the marketing community. A news release is attached.”
  5. “Please consider speaking with Ima Wastecapital, founder and CEO of Company X, to find out what the secret of their success and how Ima knows others in the industry are sure to fail.”
  6. “This is an email to let you know that Company X has just launched a new viral campaign called WTF.”
  7. “Lots of things going on with the Company X Ad Challenge. I’ve attached a calendar of events (with links) if you’re interested. If you want to talk to an executive from Company X about all this, let me know.”
  8. “Feel free to add the following hilarious videos to your blog. I can imagine that your readers might get a kick out of them. And, of course, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to be in touch.”
  9. “Today at DEMO 07, Company X released Big Whoop. I have included a copy of the press release below. We would love to get a few minutes of your time for a briefing with Company X’s CEO, Rich Moneybags.”
  10. “Hey, wanted to let you know that Stanis DaMann, CEO of Company X, has launched his new blog. You will find his most recent blog posting about email marketing here. Feel free to post it to your blog if you like.”

(via Upstream)

  1. De vraag is hoe ze wel te contacteren.. Bestaat daar nog geen lijst van met voorbeelden?

  2. @Lloyd: vooralsnog niet. Basis blijft toch met name niet teveel gericht te zijn op eenmalige transacties, zoals je ziet in bovenstaande voorbeelden, maar langdurige relaties op te bouwen en daadwerkelijk een dialoog aan te gaan.

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